When you travel alone you are the only decisive person on the trip 😉 You can do whatever you want. Even the best travel buddy can have a different view on your trip and will persuade you to their ideas. No travel buddy = no worries! 🙂 So firstly – you don’t have to listen to anyone! You love museums? You go to museums! You love hiking? You go hiking! You can do what you want.

Secondly, you have more chances to talk to the locals. Well, if you want to talk with anyone, they’re actually your only option. Meeting local people, observing their everyday life, eating the local food with them is probably the best thing while traveling.

Talking about food – you can also choose the places which serve the type of food you like. And you don’t have to listen to your vegan/gluten free/sugar free/everything’s bad friend, when you order a huge portion of local meaty meal. And it works the other way round as well 😉

Another thing is that it’s easier to get lost in the foreign places when you’re alone. You don’t focus on the person/people you’re traveling with. You can look around all the time, finding the hidden gems of the place. And this is actually my favourite part 🙂 Even when I travel with a group of people, I like to step aside from them and breathe the atmosphere of the place. When you talk with others, you don’t look around as much.

Memorize your travel

The other part I like the most about traveling alone is that I can stop anytime and take photos. And take as many as I want. No one is telling me to hurry up. And I really love taking a lot of photos when I travel. I bet you like it too. Nowdays, we shoot everything, even our food. Travel photos are always beautiful and they bring back memories. And they really deserve a place where they can shine. There is such a place and it’s called Photler. It’s a brand new webiste creation and promotion tool dedicated to travel photographers. It was even created by a travel photographer himself! And who can understand their needs better? 😉 Photler offers beautiful themes which always put your photos in the centre. It also provides a powerful blogging tool, so you can describe your journeys in more detailed way. But what’s the most important is the interactive world map with pins, that show your travels.