Traveling alone is the fun and adventurous as well. But you need to take some precautions.

First of all, plan your days. Wherever you set off to, have a rough sketch in your mind as to the kind of activities you’d do or sights you’d not wanna miss.

– Capture those moments of travel on film or photographs to cherish later on. A bit of nostalgia would do no harm.

– Keep a journal. A travel log. Write down your experiences. Who knows, maybe someday they’d be loved all over the world

– Or Tweet to the world and let them envy you!

– More importantly you can give yourself and the environment all your attention.

– Get to reading that book that’s always been on your to-read list

Memorize your travel

– Participate. Participate in the activities. Participate in the surroundings. Participate with the culture and the people.

  • You should carry a few important things like:
  • Take care of your Credit and Debit cards.
  • Don’t carry anything very expensive or valuable like jewelry or cash. Be careful if do take them along.
  • Carry a map and a compass.
  • Try to always ask help of local police/traffic police. So that you get correct information.
  • Book your accommodations and tickets as early as possible.